[Interview] Big Sam’s Funky Nation Talks New Album and Their Jazz Fest After Dark Performance at 1904 Music Hall

Big Sams Funky Nation

Jacksonville Jazz Festival will celebrate its 37th anniversary this year. May 24th – 27th, music fans from all over the region will gather downtown to celebrate live jazz, art, and enjoy local eats.

For music lovers who just can’t get enough, festival curators have teamed up with local club and bar owners to create Jazz Fest After Dark. As part of this after hours series, 1904 Music Hall is hosting New Orleans-based funk band Big Sam’s Funky Nation. Known for their unique fusing of jazz, rock, funk, and hip-hop, Big Sam’s Funky Nation has thrown some of the industry’s best dance parties for well over a decade. With the release of their newest album, Songs in the Key of Funk, Volume 1. the band vows to “keep the funk alive,” with more volumes in the works. We recently caught up with them, where they shared insight into the new album and past experiences performing in Florida.

Read the interview below:

What are some of your favorite highlights on the new album Songs in the Key of Funk?

Some of my favorite highlights are on songs like: “What’s my Name,” “Apple Pie,” & “Paradise”… just to name a few. It shows our humorous side, lyrically, in some parts. Some of my favorite artists are James Brown, George Clinton, Prince, & Morris Day. The music is always jamming, but then when you’re listening to what they’re saying, you have to take a second and laugh. I’ve always loved that about those cats.

How does this album compare to your past projects?

This project is better all the way around. Sonically, production, concept, and stylistically – it’s the total package. I love to make music that people can dance to, so this album is exactly what I had in mind.

We love our funk in Jacksonville and are looking forward to your Jazz Fest After Dark show. You also have a couple other Florida shows around that time. What have your past experiences been like in Florida? What do you enjoy most about the state?

I’ve always had a blast in Florida! Y’all cats are always ready to turn up and have a good time! On top of that, the weather is just amazing! It’s pure bliss whenever I touchdown there. The only thing that sucks is hurricane season, and I know about that all too well.

Songs in the Key of Funk, Vol. 1 is available on iTunes now. Visit the official event page for more information on the upcoming show at 1904 Music Hall. If you can’t make it to the May 27th show, be sure to catch them on one of their other two Florida stops.

Florida Dates:

May 25, 2018 Big Sam’s Funky Nation w/ The Reality + C Rena at Crowbar in Tampa – RSVP here

May 26, 2018 Big Sam’s Funky Nation at The Funky Biscuit in Boca Raton – RSVP here

Click here for detailed information on all of Jazz Fest After Dark’s festivities.

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