[Interview] DJ Love Lee is Getting Jacksonville’s Nightlife Funk’d Up

dj love lee

The talented DJ Love Lee recently relocated from the U.K. to Jacksonville and has quickly flourished in the local house music scene. Prior to moving to the states, Love Lee got her start DJing clubs in London as a teenager and landed some pretty impressive gigs over the years. She is currently a regular guest on House Junkies TV, a heavily-viewed live streaming platform which showcases a collective of house and techno DJs from all over the world. We asked her a few questions about the transition to America and her active involvement in Jacksonville’s growing nightlife. Read the interview below and make sure to catch one of her upcoming shows.

How long have you been playing/DJing music? How did you get started?

I have been DJing for 25 years. I got involved in a pirate radio station, DON FM, when I was 16 years old. I had always had a love for underground music, collecting the flyers from raves and being in total awe of the DJs that made the crowds rock at events. I got the opportunity to learn how to mix on vinyl when one of the DJs from the station offered to teach me. I was hooked going to all the vinyl record stores in and around London and practicing as much as I could.

Do you prefer vinyl or digital? What are the pros and cons for each in your opinion?

To be honest, I love both. There is so much quality music being released at the moment and I don’t think a lot of it gets released on vinyl. I do like to dig out my old vinyls and have a mix on the 1210s whenever possible. Also, the new equipment has so much more you can do with it, and nowadays you can use vinyl software and still use the 1210s for your new tracks.

Explain your involvement and history with “House Junkies.” How and when did your show come about on their platform?

I started on House Junkies TV around 7 months ago. I also play on London and Amsterdam’s Most Wanted which are FM/DAB radio and Facebook live platforms. Over the years I have also worked with UK RAW FLEX FM, FREEK FM and Confetti Digital and built up a fan base.

House Junkies management came across one of my live shows, did a little homework on me, then asked if I would like to join them for a regular show. I was truly honored as its a massive platform that has has some huge names as special guests and a mass amount of followers.

Is there a set day and time each week we can tune in?

I do the show when I can due to the time difference and family commitments, but I always send out plenty of notifications on my social media platforms to let people know when I’ll be on.

What genres do you cover?

I first started playing jungle and old school and went onto house. I played at Fabric and had a residency on Soho Square at The Edge by the age of 19. I have been pretty much hooked on it ever since then. Tech house as producers are bringing in those old school licks over some serious baselines that gives me goosebumps.

What part of London are you from specifically? What was your reason for moving to the states?

I have lived all over London over the years, but finally settled in Kingston Upon Thames which is about 20 minutes away on the train from Central London. I moved here to bring up my son who is now 11. The main reason for my move was I wanted him to grow up around his family. My grandma, uncles and cousins were all here since I was the age of 5. Then my mother moved here 10 years ago and my younger brother moved 4 years ago. It’s very hard in London being a single mother with no family around to help. I was working full time and spinning at weekends so I made the sacrifice for my son’s well-being more than anything. He is now thriving at school and seeing him happy is what it’s all about, right? Family comes first.

What has been the biggest adjustment living in the U.S. compared to living the U.K.?

There is such a mass of clubs, promoters and events in London and I’ve been lucky enough to grace the decks at Ministry of Sound, Egg, Pacha, Scala, boat parties up the River Thames, to name a few. I have also been coming here to play over the years as I have a lot of family here. I’m lucky enough to know the Myth Nightclub owner, Jon Kinesis, and I’ve played for him at Evolutions, B0’s and Myth and a few other promoters over the years. I’m lucky to have had him as a contact as well as other DJs I’ve met, and of course the lovely ravers. My transition here has been quite easy. I have felt truly embraced by everyone. Obviously I miss the mass of clubs there and it was heartbreaking to leave my friends, but Jacksonville still has some great nights and some big names flying in too.

America is a big place and I know there are some amazing events going on here too, and hopefully I will get the opportunity through networking in the future to travel and play at them one day. I am very much looking forward to attending WMC next year and hoping to make new contacts in the industry here.

Are there any events or music releases coming up we should mention to our readers?

Yes, I have a few. The first one is October 27th. It’s the First Annual Halloween Bash at Mill Basin in Orange Park. Then I will be at Myth on the terrace on October 28th. I have also started my own monthly event at Myth called Get Funk’D Up. The next one is on November 5th. You can come and party or watch and listen through House Junkies and London’s Most Wanted where I’ll be showcasing the talent in Jacksonville and beyond around the world live from the club.

I have one album out on Traxsourse under the name The Misfits. It’s called New Horizons. This was a collaboration with John Holland and it was released on Desert Rain Productions. I am hoping to get back into the studio a.s.a.p. and get my next release underway. (Listen to the album here.)

DJ Love Lee on the web:

Instagram: @djlovelee
Twitter: djlovelee308




Interview by Charlie Trester // Forward by Jen McKinnon

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