11 Ways to Escape Reality at Imagine Music Festival 2018

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We’ve been Imagine Music Festival’s biggest enthusiasts since IMF 2013 was held at Masquerade. What a ride it’s been every year.

Each IMF installment manages to top its previous experiences in unbelievable ways. Deadmau5 last year was an especially fond moment for me – I loved the dark set. (Read more about Imagine Festival 2017 here.) Thinking back I’m feeling butterflies of anticipation for what we’ll witness this year.

Our staff came together and created a list of what we’d like to see most at #IMF2018

The costumes

This is my favorite part of Imagine. The whimsical costumes submerge me in the Aquatic Fairytale theme and make me never want to return to reality. (The Little Mermaid was always one of my favorite movies!) Kudos on coming up with the perfect festive theme.

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VIP Experience

Speaking of mermaids, the splash pool in VIP is the ideal place to cool off at festival – and flowing drinks in VIP last year made for some fun nights. Looks like there will be plenty of Tequila Avion this year.


Sometimes we have to lose our minds to find ourselves. Pretty sure Bassnectar can take us out of our headspace and into a more self-reflective state of being. (Currently playing Reflective Part 3.)


There have been many nights where “Faded” kept me dancing and “In the Morning” woke me up the next day. Both never get old to me. Not to mention the remixes. Fading into euphoria at my first ZHU show is top priority.


Not sure I can top Tony Hung Pham‘s inflated level of Kaskade excitement, but I’ll come pretty close.

I know there are mixed feelings about totems at festivals, but c’mon you can’t help but love this!


Christina Salvati’s pick

“Music brings people together and that definitely is a message I’m trying to push forward with this song and my music in general.” – ZAXX explains his record “Together.”

We think those are the feels we’re definitely trying to escape into.


Space Kadet

Taylor Elberg’s pick

Space Kadet has frequented our internet pages quite often here at Florida Music Blog. Our IMF 2018 photographer Taylor Elberg explains it best:

“Space Kadet blends an amazing live instrumental performance with produced electronic sound.Their electronic sound ranges from electro-funk to Hip hop, bass, drum and bass, deep house, house, trap, break beats and more.”

Getting lost in a trippy Space Kadet jam is for certain.

Midnite Panda

– Annabel Shettel’s pick

“As performers we feel that we need to put on a show every time we step onto the stage. So for us that means the only way to perform is to freely express yourself,” Atlanta DJ duo Midnite Panda told us last year.

This year they have two opportunities to express their creative side.

Levitation Jones

I caught a bit of L.J. at Zen Awakening 2017 and have been waiting on another chance since.

We asked Levitation Jones what he imagined his ideal performance to be – sounds like he plans on taking us to another world:

“A lot of your current electronic music experience is 2-dimensional. A performer and something to look at. There are few really interactive and captivating experiences in bass music that are at a level where it completely transports the attendee to a new world. A major goal of mine with music performance would probably be to create a portal to a much more 3D world. How we may accomplish this, time will tell. But I do think we will start seeing a change in presentation soon. Still much to discover.”

Riot Ten

Christina Salvati’s pick
According to Christina’s research, Riot Ten began as a Hip Hop producer at age 15. He’s currently receiving support from A$AP Ferg who wants to collaborate and do remixes in the future.
R.T. has some new material coming soon – and from this “Rampage” performance snippet, it looks out-of-control. Who wants to be in control all the time?!?

IEssence (Breathe-Dance-Meditate)

I’m not exactly sure what this is, but I’m looking forward to finding out. This might actually make reality a fine place to be.

Imagine Music Festival Daily Schedule

Imagine Music Festival’s 5th Year Anniversary takes place at Atlanta Motor Speedway in Atlanta, Georgia on September 21st through 23rd. #IMF2018



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