Sunset Music Festival 2018 Updates

FAQ’s, public statements and refund information from Sunset Music Festival 2018 which was cancelled on day two due to weather. In spite of the disappointment, the photos from day 1 looked absolutely amazing. We are send SMF & staff well wishes. Thanks for bringing Florida some of the best live electronic performers and we’re looking forward to future events.

From the event’s Facebook page:

“We spend the entire year leading up to SMF working hard to bring you the best experience possible. No detail is overlooked in trying to create those memories for you. So when the Tampa Sports Authority, Tampa Police Department and Tampa Fire Department told us we could not open the festival, my heart was broken. But you are my family, and as much as I believed it would be a beautiful day, I had no choice but to trust that the authorities knew what was best.

Local authorities had already closed all other events planned for that day and SMF held out as long as I could, with fingers crossed and a heavy heart, but LOCAL AUTHORITIES cancelled our event as well. We know you have questions, so we’ve included information below to help.

I hope you understand how much it hurts to have our festival/event canceled. Our team pours its blood, sweat and tears into SMF year round. But we had no choice when LOCAL AUTHORITIES cancelled the event for safety reasons. They received warnings about severe weather and high winds. They gave us the warnings. They cancelled the event.

I am a family man and you are all my Sunset family. The decision to cancel the event left us as disappointed as you.” – John Santoro


Q: When will the money on my wristband be refunded?
A: Credit and Debit Card top up refunds have already initiated! The process is automatic and the money will be refunded back to your card within 10 business days. Wristbands that were topped up with cash require a manual refund form, which is now available in your cashless account. For any questions regarding your cashless account refund, please email or call 800-679-0687 during standard business hours.

Q: I topped-up with cash onsite, how do I complete my manual refund form?
STEP 1 – Create Your Account: Click on the “Register Your Wristband” button to be redirected to the registration page. Simply enter your personal details and click “Register.”

STEP 2 – Login to Your Account: An “Activation” link will be sent to the email address you used for registration. Once you activate your account, login and click the “Wristbands” tab then “I have a wristband” button to link your wristband to your account.

STEP 3 – Applying for a Refund: Click the “Refund” tab from the top menu. From here you will be required to fill out the “Manual Refund Form” in order to have your unspent funds refunded back to your bank account.

Q: When will refund information be posted for Sunday’s cancellation?
A: We’re working hard with our ticketing company to announce the refund policy as soon as possible. Refunds at a festival of this scale are a complex task, but our goal is to make sure fans receive a quick resolution.

Q: What tickets will be refunded?
A: Although we’re working on the full policy, half of a 2-day tickets and entire Sunday-only tickets would be eligible.

Q: Why did you cancel the second day of event?
A: SMF didn’t cancel the event. The decision was made by the Tampa Sports Authority (SMF’s venue), in conjunction with local police and fire.

Q: Where is lost and found located?
A: The SMF Lost & Found is located at the 24-hour security office, located inside Dock B near gate B/C on Himes Avenue. Fans can pick up until 5pm Monday, May 28 at 24-hour security. Starting Tuesday May 29, the lost & found will be held in the Tampa Sports Authority office (located at Raymond James Stadium) from 8am – 5pm daily (Tuesday-Friday and Monday-Friday the following weeks).

Q: I forgot items in a locker. How can I retrieve those?
A: To retrieve locker contents, please email with a description of your locker content and your best contact phone number.

Q: What if my questions aren’t answered here?
A: The forthcoming refund announcement will include very detailed instructions for a wide variety of questions, including contact information for specific questions. In the interim, you can email with your inquiries. Please bear with us as we work through the refund announcement; we’re working hard to establish the refund process and answer questions as soon as possible.

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