Remembering Fractal Beach 2016: Hammocks, Hoops and Bass-ful Bliss [Photos x Recap]

fractal beach 2016_yoga

“Pack your bags, you’re coming with us to cover this new festival in Miami! Ott is playing a sunrise set.” When your friends call and tell you to be ready to hit the road in 48 hours, even though you still haven’t unpacked the suitcases from the last festival, sometimes it’s best to throw logic out the window and leave the rest to chance. Work and bills will be there next week. The laundry mountain on your living room floor isn’t going to shrink. And your refrigerator shelves will still be crying for help. But the memories will make the chaos all worthwhile.

If you asked what my idea of heaven is, it would be dancing in white sand under coconut trees while my favorite DJs provide a live soundtrack. Napping in a hammock strung between two shady palms while the sun sets over the Miami shoreline, casting pink-orange reflections across the Atlantic ocean.

Fractal Beach made it easy to forget we were still on earth. For me, the most unique thing about this weekend was not the musical lineup, but watching people stop with time and appreciate where they were. From yoga handstands to whimsical embraces to staring wishfully at sea, Fractal Beachers found their bliss.

The music was a bonus. I don’t know if it’s just Miami that brings out the best in performers, but for the first time I got to experience Ott in his full glory, both during his main stage headlining show and the Sonic Dub Sound System wake up call he provided at dawn. Govinda, Thriftworks, Truth, Blockhead, EarthCry, Bells & Robes, and Bedside were all ranked in my top favorites as well. There was definitely an abundance of bass and funky getdowns.

Hopefully the event will return to Virginia Key Beach Park next year. It was the perfect setting. I strongly suggest saving up your vacation time, finding a dog sitter, whatever you have to do to put Fractal Beach on your 2017 calendar.

In the meantime, view some the zenful moments below and CLICK HERE FOR FULL PHOTO GALLERY.

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