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Hometeam New Year’s Rally Lineup Welcomes 2018 with Love

Hometeam New Years Rally 2017

artwork by Rae Grand

Love was easy to find at Hometeam New Year’s Rally. On the last day of 2017, I sprawled out on my lawn blanket observing and taking notes during Este Loves’ “Church of Love Choir.” Children were blowing bubbles and dancing joyfully to the music. Artists painted under shady oaks trees. Friends laughed, couples embraced, and puppies chased each other through the crowd. The scene pieced together like one of the puzzles my grandfather and I used to make when I was a kid. I was nostalgic, fully present and looking forward to the future all at the same time.

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Maddox Ranch was radiating with love in everything and everyone on that peaceful Sunday afternoon. Este Loves explained it perfectly for us:

“The Hometeam experience in and of itself is such a positive and exciting experience, so the adding of the Church of Love Choir seemed like a perfect fit!

I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with so many talented friends who joined together to share their hearts and voices for the love of music and for our amazing Hometeam Family. It was a team effort, and beautiful to witness the collaboration, organization, and devotion amongst friends.”

We agree with Este’s excitement and feeling of unity.

We also chatted with a few more members of the Hometeam family. Here is what they had to say about their big plans for 2018:

Come Back Alice

We are really looking forward to releasing our 2nd album in January/February from Paradise Studios in Seminole, FL. Dave Swick is a top notch engineer and is helping us get that rock n roll vibe that we are going for.

We have also recently teamed up with Chris Cate of The Empire Agency who also books Zack Deputy, Orgone, After Funk, and Zoso just to name a few. We will be focusing more on regional/national touring to support the new album.

As always we love providing new and unique content for our fan fam to rock and groove to. New music videos, live tracks, and tons of road stories are coming in 2018!

The Applebutter Express

In 2018 I am most excited about becoming a parent. I’m so excited to be a dad and I think this will provide me with lots of new ideas for writing material for The Applebutter Express. It may take a little longer to manifest because I’d imagine we will be pretty busy, but I look forward to finding new themes to write about. – Kyle Biss

Bonnie Blue

2017 was an amazing year for Bonnie Blue. We released our debut album “No Looking’ Back”, bought our first tour bus, expanded our market in the south drastically and tackled our first tour in Colorado. Now that 2018 is here, we’re ready to make it our best year yet! We’re building our fanbase in states such as Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and South Carolina as well as expanding to Tennessee, North Carolina, Louisiana and our second and third Colorado runs have been planned for March and July. There’s been some discussion about getting up to the Northeast later on in the year. We’ll be starting to work on our second album later. All in all we’re very excited and enthusiastic about 2018! – Willis Gore

Damon Fowler

My main goal is to complete my record with Whiskey Bayou Records and bring the music to the people.


I looking forward to releasing a live Juanjamon album which is done, as well as a studio album which has already been underway and hitting the road to bring my jams out west. I plan on touring out to Austin, Denver and perhaps Oregon. There are also several collaborations, guest spots and reunions coming up this year that I can’t talk about under contract…but it’s big stuff.

After Funk

2018 is going to be a very busy year for us. We’ve been hard at work on a new full length album which will be released this year, along with a few music videos. We think it’s our best music yet. We’re also going to be touring a lot of new places this summer and can’t wait to bring our music to a new audience. – Phil Tessis

Cat McWilliams

Cat McWilliams Band is excited for 2018. The goal we are looking forward to achieving in 2018 is the release and promotion of our first 5 song EP. We’ve got 5 original tunes that we’ve been playing now for quite some time, but it’ll be great to get them documented and in the hands of our fans. We’re expecting to have the EP finished in the next month or so. Pre-orders are available by making a contribution to our GoFundMe.”

Custard Pie

Our goals for 2018 are to play as many festivals as possible and play bigger slots and go further away from South Georgia. We plan on recording and releasing our first album next year. We are looking forward to an RV coming our way soon and touring. We’ve been grinding for almost 3 years and we just want to play more shows for a wider geographical area and keep this thing going. Thank you for reaching out to us for any opinions or comments. We can’t say enough about Cody Bean and Hometeam. They have given us a platform to showcase our band to some of the coolest people we’ve ever met! We feel like family and we feel blessed and honored to be a part of it all. – Rory Joseph

Jon Ditty

My primary goals are to hone my craft in addition to putting out new material. This past year has got me on a high for performing on various festivals including: Dunedin Brewery’s Spring Beer Jam, Florida Music Festival, Orange Blossom Jamboree, and of course being an Artist-At-Large at Hometeam New Year’s Rally. This is definitely a goal of mine to perpetuate in 2018. I’m hoping that with my current momentum, new opportunities will continue presenting themselves.

Christian Ryan

Overall, 2018 should be the most creative year of my career. JOOSE is writing our conceptual album about the 5 stages of life: Birth, Childhood, Adolescence, Adulthood and Death. Wwhile we finish writing, we are collaborating on our future Coffee Shop Sessions. We are also making our Fractal Beach Festival 2018 in Virginia Key Beach Park. Leisure Chief has a plethora of material ready to record and is in the process of releasing a couple of self-produced singles. We are excited to be opening for Forq + Lucy Woodward at Crowbar on Monday, February 12th. Lastly, Holey Miss Moley was thrilled to debut new material [during Hometeam] and will be joining The Reality for two week Winter Tour across FL, GA and the Carolinas from 1/25-2/4.

Photos and Visuals

Below are a few of our favorite HNYR moments. View the full photo gallery & ORDER PRINTS HERE.

Hometeam New Years Rally 2017

JuanJamon enjoying some Brooks Brothers BBQ

JuanJamon enjoying some Brooks Brothers BBQ

Katrina having fun with bubbles

Hometeam New Years Rally 2017

We found the love!

Hometeam New Years Rally 2017

And some more love…

Hometeam New Years Rally 2017

We loved Andy & Sarah’s purple vibes

Hometeam New Years Rally 2017

until next year friends…

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