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[Photos, Review] MZG, NW Izzard and More: Holiday Jamboree at Spliff’s (Jacksonville)

nw izzard

The 4th annual Holiday Jamboree took place last week at Spliff’s Gastropub in downtown Jacksonville. Each year the concert is hosted by Scott T. Horowitz to raise funds for Community Hospice & Palliative Care. This year’s entertainment included the acoustic guitar stylings of Thomas Mckelvey, bluegrass from the West King String Band, the electrified beach blues of N.W. Izzard, and a special set from genre-spanning electronic producers MZG. A special holiday cocktail menu was provided by Manifest Distilling.

N.W. Izzard and MZG are regularly featured acts on Florida Music Blog and both brought their best energy for the night. N.W. Izzard had friend/roadie/roomie T.K. fill in on bass for the evening and the chemistry on stage was exhilarating. It’s always good to see bands trying different things. Speaking of different things, this was my first time hearing of Thomas McKelvey and West King String Band, but I knew to expect greatness from the lineup curating as Scott T. has a keen ear for music. As expected, Thomas McKelvey played solidly on both his solo tunes as well as when joined by A.J. of West King String Band. West King String Band followed with a lighting-fast pluck fest. This St. Augustine based quartet incorporates multiple genres into a one-of-a-kind sound they’ve dubbed “blues-grass.” It made for an energetic lead-in to the blues-rock of N.W. Izzard.

We’d like to thank Scott and Spliff’s Gastropub for having us out, as well as all four of the performers, and of course our friends on the dance floor. Until next time, keep it funky. Like us on Facebook and join our email list for more updates on the Florida music scene.

Holiday Jamboree Photos

DSC_1587_edited copy
MZG keeping the dance floor hot

DSC_1547_edited copy
Kristen Wallis and Tyler Watts

DSC_1549_edited copy
West King String Band

DSC_1541_edited copy
Thomas McKelvey

DSC_1551_edited copy
Scott and Alexis

DSC_1582_edited copy

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