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Sounduo is pleased to announce the release of their debut album, “Departures“, on Made In Glitch music, January 2012.

Equally melodic and heavy, this deep collection of 8 tracks showcases their progression as producers and musicians, as well as the band’s unique take on electronic dub-hop in a studio production format. It’s everything you can expect from Sounduo, from future dub to glitched funkiness, heavy beats and a healthy amount of bass. It’s a new production, as it showcases the studio and programmed elements of the songs; these studio tracks form the basis for their improvised dub sets accompanied with live instrumentation and visual representations of the songs… ‘Departures’, being released under Made in Glitch alongside bass pioneers including Bass Science, Gladkill, NastyNasty and many other seminal releases, reflects Sounduo’s growing respect among bass communities across the country.  While the album certainly features some huge bass drops, the band aims for creating a futuristic glowing dub atmosphere in the tracks. From the heavy syncopated basslines of ‘Fever‘, to the dancehall-drum and bass-lovestep vibe of ‘Shaka,’ and the jazz-fusion glitch dub of ’88 Degrees’, the album maintains the bass driven feel of dub music while staying relevant and consistent with the electronic sounds of the future.

Sounduo will be taking this multi-sensory journey on the road for the release tour February 2012 at select dates across Florida, as well as the Aura Music Festival on March 9th.  You can see all the date listed below, along with the track-listing for ‘Departures

“Sounduo is elastically raw, venturing into deep, dark transmissions. The hometown heroes have made strides toward success with noteworthy live performances and have reached wide acclaim with their remix craftwork and studio prowess”.

“Sounduo is the greatest act I know in the Florida region….These guys are incredible performers and have their own unique sound which mixes their dub, reggae, and bass roots together into a great package.” –

Sounduo on Facebook

Sounduo on Soundcloud

The Spell [High Quality Wav Download] by SOUNDUO

‘Departures Tour 2012’

Gainesville – Spank – 1/31

Athens – New Earth Music Hall – 2/2

Jacksonville – TSI – 2/5

Tampa – Crobar 2/8

Miami – Vagabond 2/16

Lake Worth – SpeakEasy Lounge – 2/17

Boca – Funky Buddha – 2/18

Aura Music Festival – 3/9-3/11


1. Fever

2. Crabs

3. Shaka

4. Dr. Who

5. 88 Degrees

6. Love and Light

7. Predator

8. Number 8


How did Sounduo form?

– We met initially while we were attending the University of Miami.  We were both in the music school so we naturally started hanging out in the same group of friends, and jamming daily on campus.  Ever since then we have been playing music together.  Also, we have both been making beats and electronic music since high school so we eventually came to realize the amount of original music that had accumulated on our computers, and decided that wanted to perform our tracks.  We began collaborating regularly, and Sounduo was formed.

I know that you also play in another band, care to share any insight into that, or any influence the other project has had on Sounduo?

– Yea, we also both play in a 9 piece roots reggae band called Jahfe.  Playing reggae and roots music has made a huge impact on us musically and artistically, in terms of the messages and vibes that it portrays.  We recently had the opportunities to travel to Haiti and Spain with Jahfe, so its a great movement to be a part of.  You all can check Jahfe out on Facebook, or on Youtube.

You recently signed to Made In Glitch, what does this hopefully mean for the foreseeable future of Sounduo?

– We are beyond excited to be joining an epic roster of modern glitch and bass music producers.  We hope that it will help reach our music to more ears, and help build Sounduo’s respect among listeners and producers out in the electronic music world.

Anyone on the label that is a stand-out artist for you, or anyone you admire in particular?

– Yes, we love the music that Gladkill and Bass Science are putting out.

Who are some of your biggest influences musically? 

– Lots of classic dub/roots (Augustus Pablo, Tubby, etc.) More recently we have been digging on producers like Eskmo, Wagawaga, Caspa, Benga, and so many others. Anything that vibes.

You’ve been clocking some quality time on the road lately, with even more planned in the near future.  What has that been like? Thoughts on the travel, etc…

– We have been absolutely loving getting on the road and out of our local scene.  We love our local scene but there is nothing better for us than throwing down in another city, and having the opportunity to connect with new fans, meet new people, and make new friends.  Traveling is definitely a great learning experience for us musically and personally, and always keeps us fresh.

Current on-stage setup?

– The electronics rig is essentially an old-school dub mixer recreated digitally in Abelton and blended with modern glitch software. The sequences of the songs and individual instruments are cue-ed and effected, allowing for a new composition using the songs live. This is also complemented by a synth/guitar rig and Zach’s drums.

What dates do you have locked in for the next few months?  Any festival appearances on the horizon for 2012?

– Throughout February, we will be on tour supporting our album, “Departures”.

Gainesville – Spank – 31/1
Athens – New Earth Music Hall – 2/2
Jacksonville – TSI – 5/2
Tampa – Crobar 8/2
Miami – Vagabond 16/2
Lake Worth – SpeakEasy Lounge – 17/2
Boca – Funky Buddha – 18/2

In March we will be at Aura Music Festival. 🙂

What have been some of your most memorable plays?

– More recently, our show at the Culture Room with Zoogma was definitely sick.  But we mainly have been hanging around Miami, preparing the set for our February tour, making sure its the best one yet.

Upcoming plans for 2012?

– Just keep pushing, getting the word out, making music, raging shows.  We hope that by next year we are able to make appearances at all the major Florida festivals, and have pushed outside Florida, and up the east coast.  We also may be making a trip up to NYC and out to Cali.

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