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LOVE BOMB Charity Showcase – Jacksonville

Looking for a good cause to support? The LOVE BOMB showcase takes place in Jacksonville on June 6th at 1904 Music Hall featuring top local music and art talent. The benefit will provide supplies to orphans in Uganda.

We spoke with the event’s organizer, Zach Duke, to get some background info on this awesome charity:

Why did you choose this charity? Why does this cause mean so much to you?

I didn’t choose them. They chose me. It’s weird trying to explain because they found me. I thought it was some Nigerian prince scam at first, but after very careful verification (paperwork on kids, medical records, video chat) I started sponsoring the orphanage. They send me receipts for everything they buy.


What is the history behind the event? Is this the first one?

This is the very first event we have organized to directly benefit these kids in Uganda.

How will you be raising money for the charity?

We are selling children’s books, Tuma Upendo shirts (translates to “transmit love” in English from Swahili), and a ton of art.

Tell us about the entertainment.

The artists involved are all experts in their respective trades. We have muralist, painters, sketch artists, spray paint, street art, clean style. A ton of amazing DJs and then some cool acoustic jams.

Also we are getting food catered food which is free, just accepting donations. [entry is also free]

Anything else you’d like to mention?

It will be the best night of your life… Guaranteed

About LOVE BOMBS showcase:

DNSTY iNC artist collective brings an arsenal of love to drop on the Bold New City of the South on June 6th at 1904 Music Hall.

Event page:

Proceeds directly benefiting sponsored orphanages:

Foundation of poor orphans uganda &
Save the Orphans Against Child Abuse Ministry Jinja

Matt Henderson & Invisible Friends
Samuel Sanders
Jason Combustible Rickerson
Bam A Miller
Monique Saade Jackson

Brian Barnard

William Randall Bowers

James Ranieri
Campbell Carroll
Josh Gaston
Audrey Louise
Zach Duke

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