[Interview] Parker Urban Band


Parker Urban Band is one of northeast Florida’s most organic, soulful and impressive bands in the newly discovered movement of phenomenal, yet hidden talent that stays true to real music. Each member has something to say without expectation, to only let the music breathe and to be absorbed. The soulful grooves, heartfelt lyrics, foot stomping rhythms and spontaneous improv will be sure to draw you into their irresistible vibe felt by everyone that attends one of their shows.

I was lucky enough to sit down with John and Juanita Parkerurban and young Mateo, the newest addition to their family, on “The Porch” at Backwoods Fam Jam in Hastings, FL. We talked about their sound, their influences and their upcoming shows that include their first appearance at the Jacksonville Jazz Festival which happens to be their first appearance at their hometown throw down. We also discussed their upcoming show at Purple Hatter’s Ball which is celebrating their 10th anniversary at the Spirit of Suwannee Music Park. Listen to the interview below.

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