How to Get More Gigs

Bookings, press features and sponsors generally require one thing to move forward…a press kit. More commonly referred to as an E.P.K., an electronic press kit is a musician’s resume for landing gigs. It contains all the information needed to determine one’s level of profession.

Don’t let an opportunity slip by without heaving a ready-to-go E.P.K. upon request.

Here are five highly effective ways to use your press kit:

Below is a simple 3-step process for completing your E.P.K.:

1. PLAN & PREP (1-2 Days)

Gather info and inventory (assets) to prepare press kit:

– DESCRIPTION: genre and sounds like
– MUSIC: audio & video urls, mp3s/wavs, artwork
– NUMBERS: streaming, social & sales
– CONTACTS & WEB: management, booking, publicist, website, social media
– DISCOGRAPHY: titles, year, singles, collaborations/producers
– LIVE SHOWS: city, venue, headlining acts, flyers, performance photos/footage
– PRESS LINKS: urls and/or images of media placements, awards, etc.
– BIOGRAPHY PREP: outline including most recent promotion; list of accomplishments; musical history; personal story; long term objectives.
– SCHEDULE PHOTO SHOOT: D-I-Y or hiring a pro – schedule the time and location. Aim for at least one high-quality print version photo.

2. CONTENT (2 Weeks)

Finalize and organize your content into folders on your computer, hard drive or Google Drive.

– BIOGRAPHY: short and long versions. Allow 2 weeks for writing and proofing.
– PHOTOS: Hi-res print-quality shots; web versions (smaller); horizontal and vertical shots if available. Allow 2 weeks for selection & edits.
– INFO: contacts, social media, web
– Q&A: If you don’t have press links, a Q&A interview can fill the void.
– ONE SHEET: A one sheet is a great way to present your most important info quickly in one place


There are several ways to present a press kit electronically:

– ELECTRONIC FILE FOLDER: Dropbox, Google Drive
– EMAIL: organized sections of information with headers
– DOCUMENT: PDF, graphic image, Microsoft Word
– WEB HOSTED: artist website, press kit hosting site, 😉

Once you’ve collected and organized the content, update your social media pages and website to match your E.P.K..

Let us help for LESS:

We love working with independent musicians and have years of experience creating press kit content – plus, we know exactly what industry pros are looking for.


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*Assets from step one listed above will be requested. EPK includes 250 word biography. Photography not included. Updates not included. Non-Florida artists E.P.K.s will be presented in PDF format and link hosted via artist’s Dropbox or MailChimp (we’ll set it up, no problem!).

Questions? Alternative payments? Email – Subject: EPK

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