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[Review] DJ Craze at Myth Nightclub


The legendary DJ Craze came to town last Friday, September 22nd. A DJ with a litany of accolades and awards, including the only 3x DMC champ, Craze is revered amongst casual fans and seasoned musical aficionados, alike. His style is multi-genre. Pared with superb manual dexterity on the turntables, the end result becomes a collage of stylistic panache and grit. Most fitting, for one of Miami’s finest.

With support from DJs Shotgun, Sub-Lo and Groove Conductor, Myth’s crowd was already in go mode by the time Craze stepped up.Myth has a great look, with top quality lights and sound, to boot. Additionally, it’s not too big, so everything seems immediate and involved inside. This bodes well for a DJ who is constantly dropping new tracks, vocal snippets, blends and a wealth of cuts and scratches. Craze pared popular club rap hits with deep beats from around the globe, each giving the crowd just what they wanted, whether they knew it or not. At one point, a heavy DnB baseline seemed to blossom out of the mix as if it were some deft remix of a well known hip hop track and suddenly the whole room was bouncing to a double time beat that they never saw coming. The rest of the night continued to delight and surprise. With every crowd favorite, there was an equally impressive, yet lesser known counterpart there to cozy up and continue the vibe.

By the end, there was a swarm of fan photogs around the dj booth, looking to capture some of the magic taking place. The crowd was entranced and looked as if they had been told a great story by a velvety-throated orator. In a way, they had. It was a story of musical history, desire, and success.








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