Anton Laplume Band [Artist Profile]

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Genre: Jam/Rock/Funk

The Anton Laplume Band is a deep-groove, rock, soul and funk group formed and based in Jacksonville, FL. The four-piece band brings together various backgrounds from funk, electronic, blues and rock to capture, elevate, and move audiences. The band is producing new music, building towards a new EP release for late 2017. The Anton Laplume Band is a feature act touring for the rest of 2017 throughout the Southeast.

Band Members:
Anton Laplume (lead guitar, vocals)
Max Zargon (Keys)
Sean Thomas (bass/vocals)
Aaron Plotz (drums)

Hometown: Jacksonville, FL

Current Location: Jacksonville, FL


Contact: 768 Productions | Michelle Stringer, mstringer [at] 768productions [dot] com

Music & Media:

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