[Album Review] Space Kadet delivers the heat with Ultra Funkular


The world lately has been quite tumultuous, full of change, aggression and all-around unsettling. Luckily the one comfort zone I believe we all have in common is through pure auditory escape in our favorite music. Atlanta-based electro-funk space jam quartet , Space Kadet, provides just that escape we need with their newest EP, Ultra Funkular. This album imbibes every aspect this band has to offer from down-tempo vibes, to funky break-beats, electro-heavy grooves, and most importantly spacey jams reminiscent of old-school Sector 9 and the like.

ultra funkular

Right off the bat “Blunted” greets your ears with a light electro-funk intro complemented by pocket bass and drum rhythms. A new addition, lead guitarist, Thomas Garrett supplies driving solo grooves to up the ante. Leading into the following track respectively named, “Ultra Funkular”, the listener is led to an affable build of electro-funk dance grooves. Trumpeter Ryan Viser who sat-in on this track adds some spice with just the right amount of horns, leading the song to climax with a satisfying guitar solo.

Perfectly placed in the middle grounds of this EP is “French Elevator” which introduces a familiar comfort through a well-mixed sample from The Temptations. Tastefully melodic yet deliberate bass grooves as per Alex Etheridge forge a delightful low-end drive that delves into one’s heartstrings and keeps you wanting more. Once again this track exemplifies the poised transitions from one member to the next and culminates with yet another precarious guitar solo.

“Junsuina” brings another dimension to the album featuring the talent of percussionist Phil Ordonez, paired quite well with drummer, Rohan Prakash. Pocket drum and bass rhythms artfully mastered by Rohan are bar to none especially when coupled with Thomas’s tasteful guitar riffs. Creatively placed background production and synths add another level to this already well composed piece.


Closing out the album is the most electro-heavy tune named “BSTD”. This one leaves the listener guessing of what’s to come next by winding through down-tempo bass-y grooves to four-on-the-floor tech house in the midst. The song is closed out by yet another soulful guitar solo, yet ends abruptly leaving us wondering where their next album will take us.

Overall, Ultra Funkular showcases Space Kadet’s dimension and raw unadulterated talent as a fresh new sound to the scene. Their seamless transitions parallel with a new eclectic composition has lately been hard to discover. Fresh off a nationwide tour these guys are ready to provide a sonic stew of electro-jams that you won’t soon forget.

Space Kadet’s next performances are set to take place at Imagine Music Festival in Atlanta, the STS9 afterparty with Artifaks in St. Augustine, FL, as well as Pass the Good in Pensacola, FL.



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