Ajeva [Artist Profile]

ajeva band florida

Genre: Funk

Band Members:
Reed Skahill: Lead Vox/Guitar
Skyler Golden: Lead Guitar
Mark Mayea: Lead Keys
Taylor Gilchrist: Bass
Travis Young: Drums

Location: St. Petersburg, FL

Ajeva (a-jay-vuh) is a Progressive Funk machine from St. Petersburg, FL. Composed of Reed Skahill (lead vox, guitar, keys), Taylor Gilchrist (bass), Dean Arscott (percussion,keys,guitar), , Travis Young (drums), and recent additions Mark Mayea (lead keys) & Skyler Golden (lead guitar), Ajeva has been playing all over Florida and the South-East since March 2013 spreading their message of unity, peace and FUNK! With catchy vocals, infectious grooves, and a high energy live show Ajeva has the sound & vibe that will keep you watching and listening.

Contact: ajevamusic at gmail dot com


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